Purekitchen pairs decades of design and fabrication experience with a thorough knowledge of the newest in sustainable building materials to provide customers with a modern, functional, and LEED-eligible kitchen solution.


Sergei Hasegawa, President, Designer

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Sergei started his first business, Semolina Design in San Francisco in 1996. He is an industrial designer, cabinetmaker, architectural draftsman and business owner. For nine years he and business partner Gabriel Beil built the highest quality custom cabinetry and furniture for a select group of Bay Area architects and designers. A product line of stylish Chinese inspired side tables for the Pacific Heights retailer, Big Pagoda, rounded out the custom work as a part of the business. In 2003, he brought his expertise east to New York City to start Purekitchen and continue his work with the Richlite company.

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