Manufacturing and quality control.

Purekitchen cabinetry is made under our own roof with our own people to the standards that we and our customers expect from a Purekitchen. Our manufacturing division, Cory Manufacturing, Inc., continues a 50 year tradition of making cabinets in West Bridgewater, MA and now offers the most aggressive approach to an environmentally-focused product line.

The thirty-five thousand square foot manufacturing plant is highly automated and runs lean to provide a cost-effective and flexible cabinet offering that maintains a quality level unsurpassed in the industry. Cabinet construction is unique in its full ¾” construction and all the modern accessories and features are selected to perform at the highest level for style and function. In-house finishing ensures the water-based and low-VOC products on a Purekitchen are true to our specifications.

One could say a cabinet is a cabinet, but take a close look at our processes and you will see that we make a robust product that ensures your kitchen will last for years.